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About us

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Aventureros y viajeros como pasión.
Animal Limit stems from the fusion of two different life styles joined by a common factor: Nautre.
All our trips are thorough lyplanned, taking into account the neccesities of the true spirit of adventure. They have been planned with the expertise of a mountain leader and a scubadiving instructor. From the wonders of our ocean depths to the magical roofs of the world. Each trip we make is a whole new experience that you will never forget.


Joserra Allué Lacoma

Mountain activities

“We just want to bring you closer to the powers of Nature throug hour passions.

You will experience brief but intense moments that will contribute to your personal development.

Each effort will be worth while``


Graduate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences

Mountain Leader, specialized in mid-mountain and canyoning

Snowboarding instructor

PADI Dive master


Anna Senpau Rasche

Water activities

``The sea and water are synonymous of life and connection between continents.

Water sports bring you closer to the mysteries that hide our depths; They sensitize you about the importance of respecting our environment.

This is what we try to transmit to each of our students, the respect for a world that is not ours, and one of we still have much to learn.``


Graduate in Business Administration (UPF)

PADI Diving Instructor.SSI Diving Instructor

Manager in Sea Shepherd Dive

Adrián Pomeda García

Adrián Pomeda Gimenez

Salud / Preparación física

“We are aware of the importance of bringing you closer to the knowledge of your own body.

A good physical and mental state is essential to carry our day to day with great vitality. We bet on a personal follow-up, promoting health.

Accept our challenges, set a goal and let us get your best version”


Senior Technician in Physical Activity and Sports

Graduate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Personal trainer

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We believe in joining the forces of mountain and sea to create further challenges in our continuous search for new experiences.

Our goal is not to create tourists but travellers.

Delve into the wildest spots while boosting your personal growth. We promote multi-adventure trips that encourage you to test your limits. We provide the necessary mental and physical training to reach remote and unspoiled places the neccesities of each traveller.

We ensure our guests’ comfort while respecting the environment and local deveopment.

Let us take you beyond daily routine. Discover the true essence of each country along a journey of personal achievement.

Let us find your animal side!


Our aim is to keep on growing, improving and developing new challenges in different travel destinations. Your opinion matters.


We believe in sustainable tourism. Our activities and accommodations are carefully selected and respect the environment.


We make the most out of the resources and potentialities of each community we visit. We foster multiculturalism.


We boos tyour autonomy and independence. Enjoy an unforgettable experience while discovering the features of each destination


We opt for stimulating and physically challenging trips. You will have all the neccessary advice on sports and nutrition before the trip.


We foster a young and unconventional way of travelling. Our adventures require optimal physical condition and will take you to places far from mass tourism. Join our multi-adventure trips!

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The initials of our name are formed by the union of the mountain, shaped like the letter A, and the ocean, shaped like an inverted L and closed by a circle which symbolizes the depths of the sea.

This is for every one who has ever heard his inner animal voice, that which make susgo beyond the horizon in search for our own limits.

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Animal Limit identity