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We design activities for all kinds of adventurers.

Our main commitment is our customers’ satisfaction and safety

We are experts in adventure tourism. We are Animal Limit.

Physical training

Although our activities require a good physical conditioning, you don’t need any technical expertise or previous experience to take part in any of the sports we offer. To that end, we rely on qualified personnel endorsed by the Animal Limit staff.


Every single activity we provide is thoroughly planned and performed by a professional member of our mountain and sea teams. Thus, by minimizing risks, we ensure an optimal service to our customers so that they can make the most of their trip.


When a customer books a pack he gets specific and detailed information regarding the activities, as well as professional monitoring in the months before the adventure. The purpose of this is to solve any doubts which may arise prior to the trip.


All our activities include an insurance policy. In addition, we provide individual travel insurance for each challenge.

Your safety is a major priority.

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