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Hiking with animal limit
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Caminar con cada pequeño paso por todo tipo de terrenos a través de un único cielo como techo.


You will enjoy every single step through all types of terrain in an unrivalled setting. Hiking is a wonderful way to strengthen ourselves and disconnect from our daily hustle.

Plunge into the wildest natural spots. Put on your best walking boots and let yourself be surprised by magical and exotic landscapes.You will step into jungles, deserts, snow and volcanic soil. Take the challenge and go beyond your limits.


Join Animal Limit and become a true adventurer¡


All our packs include paths of different levels, from the simplest to the most physically demanding. You don’t need any technical knowledge. We count with experts in the field who will guide you through the whole adventure.

We care about the free adventurer. Therefore, we provide the option to walk some of our routes on your own, upon advice and feedback from our mountain staff.


We classify our routes into three big branches:


  • Interpretive trail: They tend to be less physically demanding. Our goal is to lead you through the natural and cultural heritage of each area with the help of a local guide.
  • Climbing to the top: These are the most physically challenging routes. You will need to get the best out of yourself. We will take you to unspoiled places far from massive tourism. Experience the thrill of watching dawn from the highest points of each country surrounded by a sea of clouds.
  • Magical places: -> Medium difficulty routes that will take you to the innermost natural places, from isolated waterfalls to ancient trees.


Once you accept the challenge you will get all the necessary information, including aspects to take into account and relevant issues.

Put your trust in our staff and let yourself be guided through the most spectacular onshore places of our planet.


Hiking/Mountain adventure
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