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Kayaking with Animal Limit
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Sail freely through calm waters: rivers, mangroves, ponds and oceans. You will be surrounded by wonderful wildlife as you guide your canoe silently and get immersed in the environment.


Our kayak challenges will take you through heavenly landscapes covered by lush vegetation. These are the best interpretive routes, since they do not require much physical effort.


Water, which nurtures and quenches the thirst of all living beings, allows us to observe the most diverse animal species.


As you hear the sounds of all kinds of birds, you will behold remote areas inhabited by hundreds of different species, such as turtles, sloth bears, toucans or monkeys. Awaken your senses while you sail on your kayak.


Take the chance of living a refreshing adventure!


All our kayaking activities are 100% interpretive and risk-free.

They don’t involve a great physical effort and you will be led by an experienced local guide

Animal Limit Kayaking

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