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Rafting with Animal Limit
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Feel the power of water as you cross the fastest-flowing rivers of each country. Team up aboard a boat and face all kinds of natural obstacles. Foam, waves, rapids and whirlpools will make you feel an adrenaline rush while you descend through breathtaking landscapes.


Take a deep breath and feel the energy transmitted by water’s driving force. Dare to live new experiences as you sail through a stunning environment.


Complete descents on II-III and IV level rivers.


Rapids are often strong but totally predictable. Big waves may come out, which requires fast maneuvers in order to save some of the sections. It is essential to follow the guide’s instructions and use your paddles with agility.


Our exciting rafting routes are full of thrill and obstacles. A professional guide will make you feel safe as you experience unique sensations. No previous experience is required.

Animal Limit Rafting

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