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Scuba Diving with Animal Limit
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Have you ever dreamt of flying? Do you want to experience a feeling of weightlessness as you dive up and down just focusing on your breathing? Then you should try scuba diving.


You will be surrounded by wonderful scenery. Silence and peace take centre stage. Your only concern is to enjoy a unique and fascinating environment. We encourage you to explore the deep blue ocean, full of unknown fauna and flora.


Each ocean, reef and diving spot is different. That is why we want you to make the most of every adventure. Feel free to enjoy all the wonders that every single location can offer.


Scuba diving covers all levels, from the expert diver who looks for new challenges and expertise to those who want to get started in this amazing world.


As a result, we have found the best professionals and equipment available so that you can do every activity with the safety and comfort you deserve.


We are perfectly aware of the fact that each person has his/her own pace. As professionals, we understand the individual doubts, fears and necessities that may arise.



Snorkel is the first step into the world of scuba diving. This activity will be available in all our adventures. Thus, you can slowly fell in love with the sea, overcome your fears and relish this wonderful chance of beholding the hidden wonders of the ocean.


Are you willing to try but you still don’t know whether you are ready or not?


Diving baptism is a one-day activity that does not require any previous knowledge. A diving instructor provides all the technical aspects. You just need to relax and enjoy.


Focus on breathing and we will take care of everything else.

Open Water Diver

The Open Water Course is the first scuba diving certificate.



This certificate, which does not expire, allows you to dive up to 18m/60ft all over the world. The course lasts for 3 days and you will learn all the necessary technical issues about diving.


There will be theoretical lessons, as well as one session of underwater exercises and four ocean dives. Hence, each adventurer can find his/her own pace while learning about this amazing sport.


After that, you will be ready to join recreational dives in a wide range of incredible diving spots and at a lower price.

Advanced Adventure Open water

You tried it, you liked it and you want to go one step further. How about a dive at night, exploring a shipwreck or going down for 30m?


The Advance Adventure is 100% practice. It lasts for two days and includes 5 different divings/adventures. Each of them is intended to perfect your buoyancy and other key skills. At night, you will see how the setting and the main actors change. Delve into the ocean’s mysteries and fell in love with new creatures.


From then on you will dive along with other scuba divers of your same level. This means that you can make the most of each dive and have access to truly unique and special spots.

Fun Dives

Recreational diving for those who already have a certificate. All our diving adventures are included here. A professional instructor will always guide and show you the best spots of each destination.

If you want to do one of our courses during your trip please contact us. We will solve all your doubts and arrange your course at the best price.

Life on Board Diving

Life on Board Diving

If you are passionate about scuba diving, Animal Limit offers diving packs and life on board in the best spots of the world. Experts and qualified local guides will help you improve your skills, but there is also space for experienced divers. We cater for each diver’s level so that they can enjoy the experience to the full.

Animal Limit Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Adventures
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