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This country has become famous due to the economic relevance of its Canal. It is the second most important port in Latin America actually casting a shadow over its beautiful natural wonders.


Panama has coasts and mountains that have little to envy its neighbor, Costa Rica; it has paradisiacal beaches in both coasts including the wonderful Santa Catalina and Coiba Island in the Pacific, known as the New Galapagos, and the paradisiacal islands of San Blas and Bocas del Toro in the Caribbean Sea, where the indigenous culture is still strong.


One thing we cannot fail to mention is its mountain range, where we can delight from amazing paths, waterfalls, volcanoes, fauna, and indigenous culture that enchant us each step of the way.

With us, you can enjoy unique paths that maintain a local charm different from those of massive tourist services.


Without a doubt, this is a country made for numerous adventures!

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Once you have booked your trip, a member of the Animal Limit team will get in touch with you in order to help you clear out any doubts you may have. In addition, you will be given a file containing all the necessary information regarding your transportation and all the details of the experience.


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BARU VOLCANO (11,401 feet above sea level): See the Sun Rise with an Oceanic View


Type of hike: ascent to the peak

Location: Boquete

Physical level: high difficulty

Technical level: low, well-signposted route

Duration: 10 hours

Positive height difference: +5906 feet

Total distance: 8.6 miles

Circular: no

Guide service:

  • Route 1: No
  • Route 2: Mandatory
Actividad que supone un alto nivel físico, por su desnivel y condiciones climáticas. Recomendamos asesoramiento personal y prepararnos previamente a nuestro viaje a través de nuestro apartado “asesoramiento”.
A Panama favorite among its hiking routes, its roof and third highest point in Central America.


Here you can find the best views possible to watch the sun rise: a wonderful panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and under your feet, a sea of clouds.


It is a demanding route; there are two options two go on it: one where it is impossible to get lost; it follows a wide stony pathway. There is also a more technical option and difficult option in which it is necessary that you go with a guide. Both lead to the same point: the Baru Volcano Cross, a Panamanian giant.


We will start the journey at midnight; a mantle of stars in the sky will accompany us throughout the way until sunrise, which you will be able to see from the peak.


It is important to rest the day before; a good nap and dinner the day before will increase the possibilities of reaching the top without bigger difficulty.


Take on the challenge and prepare yourself to experience one of the best moments you can live: a Central American sunrise.

BOQUETE: Route to Hidden Waterfalls


Type of hike: to magical destinations

Location: Boquete

Physical level: low difficulty

Technical level: low

Duration: 3 hours

Positive height difference: +1279 feet

Total distance: 1.9 miles

Guide service: included

This area is considered to be a little risky during the rainy season given the possibilities of a sudden increase of water flow. For this reason, with this knowledge, we choose to hire local guides.

This route will allow you to step into the dense jungle of the Boquete Valley. Just getting to the beginning of the path is worth your while; the ride by car to this point takes you through walls of astonishing rocky formations.


This is a territory where you can see all kinds of Panamanian flora and fauna.


You will walk along the edge of a cliff where the sound and freshness of water will be the setting throughout the way.


We will start hiking uphill until we reach the first waterfall. Then, we will start a descent that we will lead us to two other waterfalls; the falls are over 164 feet high and they are surrounded the Panamanian jungle that will leave you breathless.


Without a doubt, this is a mandatory where you have to take a picture of Panama and these gigantic natural features.

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BOQUETE: A Wall of Volcanic Plates


Location: Boquete

Physical level: for all levels

Duration: 2-3 hours.

Guide service: included

Material: Incluido

Gear: included

Feel the verticality through the contact with the rock as you climb a wall with a very peculiar formation formed by the Baru Volcano 500 years ago.


The wall has different routes with different difficulties which are ideal to give your first steps into the climbing and rappelling. More than the height, the most relevant feature is the impressive rocky formation of volcanic plates.


Without a doubt, this is an exceptional destination in the middle of the Boquete Valley where you can spend a morning enjoying nature.

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CHIRIQUI RIVER: Feel the Adrenaline as you Sail the River through the Jungle


Location: Boquete

Physical level: medium to low difficulty

Technical level: class II-IV rapids

Duration: 4 hours

Guide service: included

Gear: included

Transportation service: included

Food service: included

All our activities are designed so that our customers do not need any previous experience.
Enjoy the adrenaline that you feel as you sail over the rivers Chiriqui and Chiriqui Viejo in the town of Boquete.


The levels III-IV rapid waters are suitable for all types of visitors.


Go through landscapes surrounded by the overwhelming Panamanian jungle where you will delight from privileged views, all kinds of birds flying in the skies, monkeys or even sloths; this will be the background of a journey full of great emotions.


Be encouraged to live a refreshing experience! Feel the real essence of adventure!

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BOCAS DEL TORO: Scuba Dive in an Authentic Paradise


Location: Bocas del Toro

Number of days: 2

Immersions: 2 per day

Physical level: for all levels

Requirements: Scuba diving license*

*you don’t have a license, you can take PADI lessons, or go on 1 day experiences.

Services included:

  • Guide
  • Gear
  • Snack
The warm waters of the area will be the perfect setting for learning to do this practice. Courses are highly recommended.
Scuba diving in Bocas del Toro is one of the most popular activities you can do in this archipelago of paradisiacal islands.


In this location you will be able to scuba dive in calm waters almost throughout the year, making Bocas del Toro a perfect place to initiate your practice of this sport or advance in it; besides, you will find great prices.


Coral reefs of all kinds will be the setting in every immersion; you will mostly see soft coral and great marine sponges.


We will also have the opportunity of seeing sea turtles, which lay their eggs in these beaches; we might also see eagle ray and whiptail stingrays.


AIn addition, we will see a catamaran, a shipwreck, and an airplane in its depths.

COIBA ISLAND: Scuba Diving with Giants


Location: Santa Catalina (Coiba)

Number of days: 3

Immersions: 2-3 per day

Physical level: for all levels

Requirements: Scuba diving license*

*If you don’t have a license, you can take PADI lessons, or go on 1 day experiences.

Services included:

  • Guide
  • Gear
  • Snack
Coiba was a prison in the past and it is Galápagos in the present. Our team finds it to be one of the best scuba diving spots.

Divers usually seek to swim with the sea giants, and here they can do so; the queen of the sea, the manta ray, all types of sharks (oceanic whitetip, gray, sand tiger, and hammerhead sharks), or even the gentle giant, the shark whale.

In addition, this is a strategic place to spot humpback whales from the North and the South coming to protect their calves in the warm waters of the tropics; their presence is actually higher between July and November.


Coiba has multiple paradisiacal islands with a big quantity of coral reefs and abundant marine life due to the little impact caused by the tourist industry.


The quantity of fish you will see with every immersion will make you feel like you are inside a tropical aquarium.

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Location: Chiriquí Gulf

Duration: 5 hours

Guide service: included

Gear: included

Transportation service: included

Meals included: snack

The whale-watching season starts in mid-July and ends by the end of November.
Every year, the Pacific Coast of Panama and Costa Rica receive very special visitors: Humpback Whales.


Coming from the Antarctic and the Arctic, they near the tropical coasts with their calves; near the gulfs of calm, warm waters they find the protection and peace they need to feed them.


For this reason, our whale-watching tour is in the hands of experts who can find these giants in a unique experience that you cannot miss.


Remember that you will count with the company of an environmentalist guide who will explain everything you need to know in order to enjoy the experience.

AQUATIC FLYING IN THE CARIBBEAN: Deepboard and Cayo Zapatilla Island


Location: Bocas del Toro

Physical level: for all levels

Duration: 6 hours

Guide service: Included

Gear: Included

Transportation service: included

Food service: included

You will feel like a fish in the water in paradisiacal beaches.

A tour that takes you to the most emblematic islands and places of the country is a mandatory visit for every traveler who comes, so what if we add a little adrenaline to the mix?


Deep boarding is practiced with a board that we hold with our hands; it is connected to a ship by a long line that will pull you and allow you to dive into the water, swim and spin like the dolphins do.


In addition, during the tour, you will visit the mangroves, and the island of the Osos Perezozos (Sloths Island); you will sail Onda Bay in the search of dolphins, and finally, you will relax in the paradisiacal island of Cayo Zapatilla as you enjoy your lunch.

SAN BLAS ISLANDS: The Paradise of the KUNA Territory


Location: San Blas Island

Accommodation service: included

Duration: 3 days /2 nights

Guide service and day tours: included

Aquatic gear: included

Transportation service: included

Meals: included

Drinks and entrance fee to the islands (22$): not included

The indigenous Guna community is the only one with permission to do and guide tourist activities as they protect the environment and motivate a sustainable economy for the locals.
The San Blas Archipelago is located in Panama.


It is also known as Mulatas Archipelago, it comprises 365 small islands and islets and it is located in the Caribbean Sea, East of the Panama Canal. This archipelago is populated by the indigenous group Guna Yala. The Guna indigenous people are the etnic group that rules this territory; autonomously, they govern and administer these islands.

These people stand out for their kindness and their special sensitivity towards art, especially decorative art. This net of small islands with beaches of golden sand surrounded by coral reefs will be the perfect scenery to start your vacations and go on different water adventures.


Accommodations will be in cozy cabins over the sea. A stay of 2 days and a half and 2 nights will help you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine in order to enjoy the tranquility of the area and kindness of its people. You will enjoy daily tours to the different islands getting to know the Guna community and doing different water activities.