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Plunge into the ocean and surf waves from the Caribbean to the Pacific. Learn new moves and skills as you begin to understand the movement of the waves. Suitable for all levels, whether you want a first contact with the sport or hone your skills and knowledge surfing new oceans.


All our surf instructors are qualified experts willing to train you and take you to the best spots according to your level and skills. You will be able to surf in almost all our coastal locations.


A new kind of surfing. It involves a larger and wider table that allows for greater balance. As a result, it is easier to stand up or get on your knees. A great way to improve your physical and mental balance as you surf through rivers, jungles and oceans.


There is a sailor inside every one of us. Feel the ocean under your feet and the sea breeze while you share a snack with your loved ones.


This Catamaran adventure offers the opportunity to discover marine life and do different activities such as Snorkel or Kayaking in unspoiled and isolated beaches.


Let yourself be amazed by the magnificent cliffs, rock formations and heavenly beaches and enjoy the best sunsets of the Western coasts.

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